Naomi Paul


New Product Launch

Vex & Cave

VEX & CAVE are stout yet elegant shades with tessellating 20 degree angled edges. Perfectly complimenting one another these two shades work side by side, as dramatic tiered modular chandeliers or as single low illuminating light shades.

The expertly hand crafted textile finish softens the light whilst the broad open base allows for maximum directional brightness. Both shades come complete with long length luxurious woven cotton flex for an extended drop to just above eye height over a table.

V2 Glück

The elegant silhouette of the award winning GLÜCK pendant design has evolved, making way for V2 GLÜCK pendant, an open shade with direct light source.

When lit, the characteristic openwork of the handcrafted crocheted surface gives the entire shade an effervescent glow ideal for dining tables and overhead lighting.

The V2 Glück design brings together the strong presence of a pendant with the functionality of a light shade, capturing the perfect equilibrium between light and shade.