Naomi Paul

Our Collections


LIGHT / SHADE collection are down lights, V2 GLÜCK, CAVE and VEX. Designed in response to a need for beautiful and unique direct lighting. A double cloth lower section cleverly conceals the framework for a seamless finish. Sharp lines focusing light in or flooding light out, compliment tactile curves in this collection.


OMI collection are statement pendants, GLÜCK, SONNE and MONIKA. This is the original Naomi Paul lighting collection, launched in 2011. Designed to elevate the technique of precision hand work, and transform crochet to art. Elegant silhouettes give our signature collection a timeless presence in any space.

Simple Shade

SIMPLE SHADE collection is the essence of a shade. One simple design with transformative properties in singular and multiple forms, Simple Shade features wide-brimmed sleek silhouettes and effortless grace. Using Japanese philosophy to mindfully design space and object as one. This is the only collection which completely collapses to a flat state. A clean look with an essential function.

Special Editions

Special Editions products created for projects and exhibitions